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Bear With Us As We Explain Ford's Latest Bio Material

Bamboo is the staple food source of the Giant Panda, one of the most unusual members of the bear family. But this fast-growing plant is so much more than bear food.

Already beloved for construction applications due to its high tensile strength and resistance to heat and impact, bamboo is seen in flooring, scaffolding, and more. Better still, it's abundant and cheap. Black walnut, one of the most expensive types of wood in the world, takes at least thirty years to reach harvest size. Bamboo can reach maturity in two.

Soon, Ford will be getting on the bamboo band…

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The Perfect Graduation Present: 2017 Ford Focus

Oh, the places you'll go! After graduation this spring, the world is your oyster. And there's no vehicle better to take you out into the world than the Ford Focus.

The Ford Focus is ideal for young professionals just starting out, minds full of knowledge, hearts full of optimism—and bank accounts full of student debt. It's a modern fun-to-drive ride, and its starting MSRP is an extremely affordable $16,775.


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How to Stay Awake Behind the Wheel

You consider yourself a safe driver. You're even looking at new Ford vehicles in Woodstock equipped with advanced safety technology like Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection. But there is one safety measure that slips under even your sharp radar: Driving while tired.

Everyone does it.

According to the NHTSA, one third of drivers admit to struggling to keep their eyes open behind the wheel. It seems harmless enough...

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Nice Fuel Economy Tips

You can bet that you spend more than your fair share on fuel as you travel to work every day or when you take yourself or your family on a long trip. The costs are much higher than they were years ago, and, every penny counts. Here are a few things you can do to save on fuel costs and increase the fuel economy of your car or truck.

If you drive long distances to work or on a trip, drive with the cruise control on. This ensures no fewer fluctuations in speed and as a result, you will achieve…
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Is 5,000 miles the magic number?

Many vehicle manufactures are developing vehicles that have economical engines and recommend you change the oil for 5,000 miles. However, how do you know that 5,000 miles is the magic number? When changing the oil in your vehicle depends on how hard you drive your vehicle, the location and climate where you live, and what type of oil is recommended for you vehicle.

There are two types of oil to chose from, Synthetic and Conventional oil. Synthetic oil is known to enhance performance and protect your engine more effectively. Conventional oil is similar to synthetic, but it does…
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Safety is the Number One Priority When Driving

Driving a vehicle is a privilege and should not be taken lightly. We drive vehicles in order to get from one place to another in the quickest way possible. However, safety should always be the number one priority while driving. The following suggestions will give you the best chance of staying safe on the road.

Drivers should always keep their attention on the road and not on other distractions. That means take the focus off of distractions like cell phones and eating and put it on the task at hand. Pull over to side of the road if you need…
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The 2017 Ford Explorer Is Perfect for Off-Road Adventure

Are you interested in outdoor activities like camping, fishing, or any other outdoor activity that may require off-road driving? If you are, then selecting a vehicle that is capable of handling almost any terrain you need to drive on is a smart decision. The 2017 Ford Explorer is designed to do just that.

With its offered Intelligent Four-Wheel Drive system with Terrain Management, the Ford Explorer is able to achieve the best possible traction on many non-asphalt driving surfaces, including snow, gravel, mud, and dirt...

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Your New Car's Service! Why It’s Needed

You planned, you searched, and finally, after looking and test driving, you and your family found the car of your dreams. You like its stylish lines, and its great performance. There is, however, one thing to do, that you may not know that much about. How and where do you get the service you need, and how do you find what fluids need to be topped off, or changed? What do you have to do to satisfy the warranty requirements? What are the recommended oils to use?

You can see us here at Leckner Ford of Woodstock where we can…

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The 2017 Ford Fusion - It is the Smart Choice

Forest meets Fusion. ?????? ??: @fusion2.sl0 #Ford #Fusion #FordFusion #Friday #TGIF #FusionNation #NatureDrives

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The 2017 Ford Fusion is the ultimate in style with its modern and eloquent design. So striking is its modern, sculptured shape, the 2017 Fusion has the kind of impact which deserves a second look. It denotes power and speed, and yet it is perfect for anyone desiring the latest in looks, and yet there is room enough inside for a family to enjoy.

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